Ram Charan Should Play Villain

By - October 23, 2015 - 10:25 AM IST

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Things start becoming very sensitive as you climb up the ladder in the film industry as a hero. And after becoming a star hero, you have to be doubly careful about the scripts you choose because one failure can be enough to push you down. A similar situation is now being faced by mega powerstar Ram Charan.

His recent offering Bruce Lee came in with a lot of hype but could not match audience expectation. With this, the focus has now fallen on his next project which is the remake of the Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan. Apparently, the handsome Arvind Swamy is likely to reprise his role as a villain.

Some are saying if Arvind is brought into that role then he will get the credit. For that matter, even any other artist will get the credit because the antagonist role is quite powerful. So, some are saying Charan should take it up. They also remind about Chiranjeevi citing when he was working as a hero, he did a villain’s role in the movie 47 Days. So, nothing wrong in doing a negative role and even audience will appreciate. We have to wait and see what Charan decides

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