'Kanche' Setting New Records

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You would have come across certain movies which set the right vibe right from the day they are announced. Eventually, even if they are not promoted to the fullest, they still manage to prove their mettle at the box office. Same is the case with the latest release Kanche, India’s first film on Second World War backdrop.

Reports reveal the response in overseas is very good and like the critics mentioned, the thinking audience has lapped it up in a big way. The situation in the domestic market has also picked up and the film has registered an approximate 60% occupancy in both multiplex and stand alone theatres.

The talk is average to above average which has become a plus. That kind of talk is enough for this kind of movie. Inside news reveals Kanche has grossed Rs 3 plus crores in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh while the rest of India has garnered around Rs 2.50 crores. This is indeed a rocking start.

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