'Ganga Manga' Remake With Sunny Leone?

By - October 27, 2015 - 03:44 PM IST

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At least nine out of ten among you would be having your share of fantasy heroes and heroines. Among the men, some actresses tend to become their dream queens. Usually, these dream starlets tend to be top range heroines. But after the arrival of one woman, many have made her their fantasy queen.

She is none other than the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone. Despite the fact that she came from a adult movie background, Indians have given her a red carpet welcome and today she is the sought after bombshell in Bollywood. Now, it appears that Sunny is all set to do a remake of a Telugu movie.

Apparently, Sunny would be seen in the new movie Mastizaade which revolves around twin sisters with opposite characters. This is reminding many of the movie Ganga Manga which came in the year 1973 and Vanisri essayed the title roles. With Sunny in the menu, the remake might just be spicier and sexier.

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