Sexy Actress Posts About Her Children

By - October 28, 2015 - 02:56 PM IST

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You are well aware that heroines tend to be quite guarded about their personal lives and it is more when it has to do with the ones they love. But there are always exceptions and Tollywood has got one starlet who is transparent beyond one’s imagination. She is none other than the cute seductress Shraddha Das.

Those who know Shraddha say she doesn’t mince many words and calls a spade a spade. This is also seen on the posts of her social networking profiles. The latest on that front is Shraddha revealing about her children. She also put up their picture. Wait a minute! Shraddha is unmarried right?

Then from where did these children pop up? Well, the sexy starlet is talking about her four pet dogs. They are the cute little Pugs and it is heard that Shraddha who didn’t have pets for long has grown very fond of them and vice versa. The fact that she has not one but four and her calling them as her children goes to show how much they mean to her.

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