Kona-Vaitla Clash Again!

By - October 29, 2015 - 06:08 PM IST

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When we get some good or positive result then everything turns out to be fine. However when the output is negative then even good turns into bad. The above theory works exactly in film industry and it is proving correct in Kona Venkat and Srinu Vaitla’s episode.

As everyone knows, after Baadshah's controversy these two parted ways from each other and due to the mediation of Ram Charan both came on board for the sake of Bruce Lee. Unfortunately Bruce Lee missed the target and once again this result raised the differences between Kona and Vaitla.

As Kona Venkat started giving feelers in the form of his version of Bruce Lee story was changed fully by Srinu Vaitla and it caused the reason behind Bruce Lee’s flop. According to speculations, Kona is also in planning to deal this issue in a legal way by filing a defamation suit against Srinu Vaitla for changing his story without his consent and if it happens then it would be a double stroke for Srinu Vaitla in short notice after his wife's shocking police complaint.

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