King Size Release for Cute Queen

By - October 31, 2015 - 07:01 PM IST

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Cinema – this is the passion for many in this glitzy world and it is a known fact that theatrical release matters irrespective of the film you make. When a good film is given a good release, it will enjoy the fruit it deserves. In this hero centric industry, female oriented films seldom come with a good release and Colors Swathi is quite lucky in this aspect.
Her upcoming horror film Tripura has already made good buzz all over and the audio that released the other day is listed in the Top 10 albums of the week. Now adding to it, this film is finding a king size release too. As per reports, Tripura is releasing across 600+ screens on Nov 6 and in Nizam, Tripura is being distributed by Abhishek films who previously distributed Mahesh’s Srimanthudu.
This is going to be the biggest release in Swathi’s career and with no other big release on Nov 6, expectations over this film are reasonably high. Currently, the tide is in favor of horror films and if Tripura can meet the expectations, sky is its boundary. Good luck Swathi!

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