Reason behind Akhil's Upset!

By - November 02, 2015 - 12:52 PM IST

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The young and charming Akkineni hero Akhil has been working hard since last year to get an ideal platform for his debut film. Things went perfectly fine until the release date came into question. Marketing strategies, promotional tactics, grand audio release- literally everything was perfect. The makers of Akhil wanted it to be a Dasara release at any cost so that it would get the best business.

Sadly, Bruce Lee pitched in and Akhil was pushed indefinitely and the makers said the main reason for it is the pending technical work. However, the speculations are saying that Nagarjuna suggested some scenes to be reshot for a better final product. Apparently, Akhil was very disappointed with his Dad’s decision because the film is getting delayed. He didn’t speak to Nag for two days and spent his time in silence.

Akhil didn’t even attend the film’s press meet and finally Nag had to announce about the film on his son’s behalf.interestingly, Akhil said in an interview that his Dad isn’t his favourite hero!
Let us hope the differences between star father and son dissolve soon and Akhil releases as soon as possible.

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