Mega Family Unhappy with Niharika?

By - November 04, 2015 - 01:40 PM IST

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The talented young Mega family celebrity Niharika Konidela has recently expressed her wish to debut into acting just like her cousins. However, in an industry where the lifespan of heroines is quite less compared to macho heroes, she has faced some opposition in the family itself.

While the actress maintained saying that she took the decision based on the approval of all her family members, things are not looking so encouraging for her. She has initially planned to invite all the Mega family gang to seek their blessings on the day of her film launch event but sources say no Mega family member is showing interest to attend the event.

This would make things even more challenging for Niharika to prove her acting prowess in her debut film and win back the confidence of her beloved family!

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