New Power in Film Distribution

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How muchever you talk about the passion or love towards cinema, this showbiz is a business driven industry and every film (small or big) aims at a good release.

You may call it tricky but film distribution is a key aspect of cinema and we have some big production houses like Suresh Productions, Sri Venkateswara Creations spearheading the field.

We often hear about allegations saying the film distribution sector is in the hands of few big houses but recently a new power called Abhishek Pictures is grabbing all the attention. With rich experience in distribution, Abhishek Pictures is penetrating very fast in the business. They have recently distributed big films like Mahesh’s Srimanthudu, Anushka’s Rudramadevi (Hindi Version), Tripura and currently they have also bagged Sukumar’s latest sensation Kumari 21 F & Bengal Tiger as well.

They are now planning to foray into Andhra Pradesh as well. Abhishek, the young gun running Abhishek Pictures is actively heading the company and emerging as a new hope for good cinema.

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