Pawan Fans Observing Fast For 1 Month

By - November 13, 2015 - 10:09 AM IST

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The relationship between a superstar and his fans is always special and this is something you would also agree if you are following a star hero. In that aspect, power star Pawan Kalyan has got an unimaginable mania and craze. His mere glimpse can send thousands of youngsters into a frenzy.

Given that situation, anything that Pawan is resorting to will be aped without a second thought by his fans. So here is one interesting update. It is heard that Pawan is currently going through a spiritual cycle because a special set of Poojas are happening at his residence as part of the Karthika Maasam.

It is also heard that this is going to be on for a month and throughout this period, Pawan is expected to be fasting for one time every day. Since the power star has taken this decision, news is that even fans are also planning to observe fast for one full month. This is the kind of devotion Pawan commands.

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