Mahesh Babu's Unknown Contribution To Students

By - November 14, 2015 - 09:29 AM IST

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There are those instances in life when something you say or do tends to influence or inspire others and brings a difference in their lives. When you can do that, you can imagine what kind of influence someone like superstar Mahesh Babu can do. But this time, he has done an unknown positive contribution.

This is to the student community. Apparently, Mahesh was seen riding a bicycle in his last release Srimanthudu. Due to that effect, many students have stopped using bikes and began using bicycles in their campuses. The majority is students from SV University, Andhra University.

Inside the campus though bikes are allowed, the students are using cycles and they are saying they were impacted by Mahesh’s act in Srimanthudu. This trend is now picking up among the student community and also in few other engineering colleges the cycle traffic has begun taking over from motorcycle.

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