Who Is This Ronald Rupak Son?

By - November 14, 2015 - 01:10 PM IST

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A name can convey an impression on anyone and it all depends on what kind of name it is. In the film industry, there are many who keep changing their names for various reasons. One such example is Hrudaya Kaleyam director Sai Rajesh. He changed his name to Steven Shankar.

It is heard that he took Steven from Steven Spielberg and Shankar from south director Shankar and created his new name. Now he has written the story and screenplay for the new movie Kobbari Matta and this is being directed by a man named Ronald Rupak Son.

What is catching the attention of many is, who is this Ronald Rupakson and from where this name has been picked for him. They are certain it is not original for sure but are also grinning stating even in names Steven Shankar has got spoof value just like his movies. This is an interesting approach.

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