Even Pokiri got A certificate but was liked by All: Raj Tarun Interview

By - November 17, 2015 - 01:10 PM IST

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Tollywood has witnessed a variety of heroes since times immemorial. We had commercial heroes who exhibit heroism, stunts and powerful punch dialogues. But there is another set of heroes who are so believable as boy next door with their natural acting and histrionics. While we saw heroes like Nani and Sharwanand excel in this department earlier, it is time for another talented actor Raj Tarun to show his brilliance! This actor began his career with short films and rose to fame with first debut film Uyyala Jampala and impressed with his antics. He also showed a new energetic avatar in his next film Cinema Chupistha Maava and proved his mettle! Now the actor is all set to entertain the audience with Sukumar’s upcoming production film Kumari 21F. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hi Raj Tarun..how are you doing?
Hello.. I am doing great!

Kumari 21F is making abuzz from quite sometime. Is it an out and out youthful story?
(Smiles) Absolutely Not. Not just youth but people aged 6-60 can watch this film. I strongly believe that feelings are not related to age when the concept is universal. Sukumar’s love stories are always different and more than the story he focuses on characterizations and the sweet nothings between the lead pair. I can confidently say that Kumari 21F is a pure love story.

But the film got A certificate. Doesn’t it mean it is high on adult content?
The film might have adult content but it isn’t demeaning or vulgar to women in any respect. To be more clear, it is supportive to them. I would not say it is a clean U film because it has scenes which would be liked by youth. Moreover, a film can get A certificate for many reasons and there is no vulgarity in this flick. Kumari 21F is a youthful entertainer and can be watched by families. In fact, Pokiri got an A certificate but was liked by all sections of audience.

Were you shocked any point of time when the story was narrated to you?
The heroine’s character itself was quite shocking. Certain situations in life look like a pass away when they happen but after some years go on, they look shocking. This film also has many such scenes portrayed in a realistic manner.

How is your character going to be in this film?
My previous two films were totally different from each other. I was quite hyper in Cinema Chupistha Maava but in this film I am quite mellowed. I can say I am totally satisfied with the role I got in Kumari 21F. I never dreamt that I would be working with Sukumar, Ratnavel and dance for DSP’s tunes! I might do many more films from now on but this film will remain very special.

Usually Sukumar’s movies have heroes with negative shades. Will this film feature you in such role?
That is true but Sukumar justifies the hero’s role in the climax perfectly. Usually if a guy loves a girl he would naturally feel jealous when she talks to some other guy. Sukumar focuses on such emotions and the realistic angle makes it little grey shaded.Though the main subject revolves around her the story starts with my character. Every role is crucial in the important and there is no domination of anyone.

You sure earned a unique image with your two successful films till now. Will this film sustain the same?
I only did two films till date and yet I think I didn’t earn any special image. In Uyyala Jampala I played a guy next door and with Cinema Chupistha Maava it was more hyper. Not all the films can remain the same and follow the certain image. A hero should try out variations and Kumari 21F has it.

Is it true that you show keen interest to direct and write films?
Yes. I like Allu Arjun and Sunil a lot in the industry. I wrote few stories visualizing them in the lead role.

How about the recent hungama which happened between you and RGV in Social Media?
(Laughs) Yeah. He took my phone and tweeted from my account for fun. I have great respect for him. He brought a new style to Tollywood and still strives to do new films irrespective of success/failure.

Will you be doing your next project with RGV then?
Yes for sure. The film is currently under pre-production and as of now both of us are busy. We will be starting once we get some free space.

Are you currently writing any script?
Well no. I recently watched Bollywood movie Rockstar and am unable to come out of it. I went into a great trance and love such films which challenge me. I really admire Ranbir Kapoor and with that influence I might write a similar script! I will wait until I come out of that influence and start writing a new script. I personally want to write a road film but it will be high on entertainment factor.

Upcoming movies?
I signed up for Manchu Vishnu’s next project for a Punjabi film remake. G.Nageshwara Reddy is directing this film and it is essentially a comedy film. The script changes are made for suiting the nativity and it will be better than the original. The shooting will start this December.

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