Superstar's Health Picked Up

By - November 21, 2015 - 11:07 AM IST

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As you keep becoming a famous hero in the entertainment industry, you got to ensure you are fit and fine at all times because a slight hitch in health could lead to delay in shooting and a lot of losses. This is something superstar Rajnikanth knows very well.

During the shooting of one of his past movies Kochadaiyaan Rajni fell sick and was rushed to the world famous hospital in Singapore. Thousands of his fans visited temples praying for Rajni’s safety. Eventually, those prayers worked and Rajini came out safe.

But now it is heard that he has decided to take care of his health properly and the results are showing in his new movie Kabali. Inside news reveals Rajni has put full focus on health and fitness also and the news that his health has picked up very significantly in the last one year. This is great news for Rajini fans!

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