Six Pack Pujari Brings Full Laughs

By - November 23, 2015 - 03:06 PM IST

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The first image you would get when you hear the word ‘Pujari’ is a person with a pot belly and absolutely no shape in his body. While a majority of the Pujaris in various temples are indeed like that, there can also be exceptions that can make you hang your head in embarrassment.

Perhaps this is what the new movie Thanu Nenu is trying to convey. The film is due for release on November 27th and the promotion has been going on quite aggressively. Inside news reveals one character in the movie is going to be a highlight.

It is that of a six pack Pujari which has been essayed by Subbu Chandragiri. Reports reveal this character is very funny in the movie and the audience will have a hearty laugh whenever his scenes come. The film marks the debut of Shoban as the hero while Avika Gor is the heroine.

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