Snapdeal's clarification on Aamir Issue

By - November 26, 2015 - 03:23 PM IST

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Aamir’s Intolerance statements got an uproar from all the sections and corners of India and it also affected some companies which Aamir has been endorsing.
Mainly Snapdeal got a huge effect on its daily transactions and some consumers also started sending messages to remove Aamir as brand ambassador for Snapdeal. However Snapdeal management came out with a clarification regarding this issue and stated that Snapdeal doesn’t associate or supports Aamir’s Intolerance statements.
They also clearly stated that Aamir’s personal statements would vests with Snapdeals’s interest. Yesterday evening Aamir Khan posted a detailed clarification on this whole issue and  clearly mentioned his view point.
On the whole, Aamir not only caused a big damage to his personal front but for his associates as well.

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