'Tripura' Also Landed Safely

By - November 27, 2015 - 12:33 PM IST

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The business of cinema is quite tough and there are many factors that decide its fate at the box office. Whenever a film gets an average to below average talk then it is more or less certain it would never regain an upward growth and it tanks.

But here is one movie which got a reasonably decent opening but then many expected it would not work great. We are talking about the movie Tripura featuring the big eyed cute girl Swathi along with Naveen Chandra in the lead and Pooja Ramachandran of Swamy Ra Ra fame.

The latest reports on this project are that it got breakeven revenue which means there is no loss on the movie. While the producers of Tripura are breathing a sigh of relief, it goes to show how much value horror movies have got among the audience.

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