Wife's Publicity For Husband's Film

By - November 27, 2015 - 03:36 PM IST

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Once the release date of your film is locked, you sit with your PR teams and start working out strategies on how to take the film to the people. Usually, these jobs are done by the PROs and PR firms. But here is an interesting publicity happening for a film.

It is Killing Veerappan and the main driving force for this movie’s visibility is Muthulakshmi. She happens to be the wife of forest brigand Veerappan. She filed a case that her hubby was shown very badly in the movie and it is personally hurting her.

The very allegation looks silly. How can someone show something good about Veerappan. The law of the land has declared him an outlaw. Anyhow, the court has given stay on the film but producers are happy about it because they are getting free publicity out of all this and thanking Muthulakshmi for this.

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