1st Tollywood Celeb To Own This Car?

By - November 28, 2015 - 12:28 PM IST

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It is a known fact that whenever a hot and latest swanky car hits the market, the first list of buyers comprise of film stars. Noticing this potential, many foreign brands have begun swarming India and setting up their outlets. The latest in that list is the Maserati.

This showroom is yet to come to Hyderabad and it would take an year. However, the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai have got the showrooms. The starting price for a base car is minimum 1.10 crores plus. With this, the company is working on a strategy.

They are approaching top celebs of Tollywood to buy their car. We have to see who will finalize this. It cannot be superstar Mahesh Babu because has taken Range Rover Autobiography recently. Well, will it be Pawan Kalyan or Prabhas then? Let us wait and watch.

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