Director Krish On Lord Krishna?

By - December 01, 2015 - 10:33 AM IST

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We must feel very fortunate that we are part of the Tollywood audience because the industry is filled with a wide range of talented filmmakers. While each has his own strength, there are those filmmakers who believe in substance and message through their movies.

One such filmmaker is the intellectual moviemaker Krish. His every movie has got a strong message to the audience. Now, there is news that a title by name Rayabari has been registered by Krish at the film chamber in Hyderabad.

Those who heard this say there is no other popular Rayabari than Lord Krishna himself so has this project got to do anything with that. As such, Krish is the only director who can register such kind of pure Telugu titles such as Gamyam, Vedam, Kanche and now this one. This should be interesting.

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