'Abbayito Ammayi' Lip Kisses

By - December 03, 2015 - 10:52 AM IST

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The aspect of physical intimacy onscreen is comparatively quite behind in India when compared to the western world movies. But Bollywood has been trying hard to break the barriers. At a national level, the south cinema is quite conservative when compared to Bollywood.

But now, even those gaps are getting filled as some of the filmmakers in south are attempting some bold stuff. Something like that has happened in Tollywood with the new movie Abbayitho Ammayi featuring the handsome Naga Shaurya and the new beauty Palak.

Inside news reveals that the film has got lots of lip kisses and while some are romantic, some are passionate. The general opinion is that this movie is going to change the perspective of lip kissing scenes in Tollywood. Helmed by Ramesh Varma, the film is gearing up for a release soon.

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