Raghu Kunche's Open Fight with RP Patnaik

By - December 04, 2015 - 10:01 AM IST

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Reality shows are always interesting to watch because you never know what happens when. The latest example to that is Super Singer 9 which is coming in MAA channel. In that, music director/singer Raghu Kunche is the mentor for a team of young and talented singers.

RP Patnaik, Goreti Venkanna, singer Kalpana, Mano, Chandrabose are the judges of this show and in the latest episode, Kunche’s team got eliminated. Sharing his thoughts, Raghu Kunche reportedly said “My team understood in last two episodes itself that they will be eliminated. I prepared my team also for that.”

He added “The judges did injustice to me. Some are doing this without proper knowledge on music. I don’t want to tell their names.” For this, Mano said “A talented artist has emotions and his reactions are understandable but we score what based on what we feel is right at that point.”

For this, Kunche said “No, one singer’s song genre came into discussion during one episode and from then on things were not okay.” At this point, RP Patnaik took the mantle and what followed was an emotional argument between him and Raghu. Of course, the episode ended peacefully but such a thing has never happened in Telugu reality shows before.

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