Sharath Marar's Reaction on Pawan's Problem

By - December 08, 2015 - 11:48 AM IST

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Making a film with a huge star like Powestar Pawan Kalyan is quite a big challenge worth taking up because if it clicks, it would give thumping business and great name. Nevertheless, this challenge will have lot of troubles and obstacles and a producer with good determination and perseverance only can pull it through. Sardaar Gabbbar Singh’s producer Sharath Marrar is currently facing a similar situation now.

The entire media has been ablaze with gossips that Pawan Kalyan was quite furious on producer Sharath Marrar and director Bobby for the unexpected delays in the film’s shooting. There was lot of confusion regarding the female lead where Anisha Ambrose was first considered but later replaced by Kajal Agarwal. Then there was a problem cameraman and a new technician was replaced. As a result, Pawan was determined to wrap up shooting even more quickly to compensate the delay. But even after that the delay continued and the speculations that Pawan was angry on Sharath came up.

But Sharath Marrar says that there is no such thing happened and the film’s unit has been rigorously working hard without wasting even a day. He also said that Gujarat schedule happened in a good pace and there is no regret in that aspect as well. Sharath continued saying that they wanted to release the film as Sankranti 2016 treat but because of the delay it is pushed to summer 2016 and was already informed to Pawan beforehand. 

The official confirmation from Sharath himself is awaited though!

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