'Abbayito Ammayi' To Be Surprise Hit

By - December 09, 2015 - 11:17 AM IST

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There are many forms of hit movies. Some are called as guaranteed hits, some are sleeper hits, some are unexpected hits and some are surprise hits. In that, the surprise hit category is always impact creating because no one expects that particular movie would strike that amount of success.

One movie which is currently in discussion is Abbayito Ammayi which has the handsome stud Naga Shaurya along with the new beauty Palak Lalwani. The film helmed by Ramesh Varma has got a very positive vibe owing to its interesting posters and innovative teasers.

Now, inside news reveals some cine seniors have seen the rushes of the movie and they have declared this is going to become a surprise hit. The reason being, the film is coming in with minimal expectations but it has enough content and entertainment value to create a sensation. This is good news indeed.

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