Cheating Case on Nani's Herione?

By - December 10, 2015 - 11:27 AM IST

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Remember the demure looking heroine Ragini Dwivedi who made an appearance along with Natural Star Nani in Jandapai Kapiraju. She was instantly noticed for her cute looks and neat performance as well. Now, the beauty is stuck in a cheating case for not repaying money to one of her producers!

A film producer named Venkatesh filed a case on Ragini along with her brother Rudrakshi Dixit in Bengaluru police station claiming that the actress took money from him to act for a film named Naatikoli in personal front and failed to repay it. Apparently, the producer gave her brother a sum of 17 lakh and when asked to repay the money, she is denying it.

Ragini also said that she can neither act in the  film or return the money. The furious producer hence chose to file a legal case on her. Professionalism for an artist is of utmost importance and it is indeed sad to see some young actresses like Ragini fail to balance it rightly.

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