Not only Prabhas anybody would be irritated: Puri Jagannadh

By - December 12, 2015 - 02:05 PM IST

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Puri Jagannadh is one of those gifted filmmakers in Tollywood who has the perfect balance between commercial as well as thought provoking subjects. His films entertain and also make the audience think about various facets of life. After a successful stint this year with Jr.NTR’s Temper and Charmme in a challenging film Jyothi Lakshmi, he is all set to entertain the audience with Loafer starring Mega hero Varun Tej and Disha Patani in lead roles. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the director:

Hello Puri Jagan garu..

Please tell us about your experience in working for Loafer..
After a long time I am glad I did a film with full fledged mother sentiment. In fact, after Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Loafer has the same intense relationship between mother-son.  This doesn’t mean the film is devoid of entertainment because the film has heroism, commercial line up along with ample mother sentiment. Censor people also watched the film and appreciated casting Revathi as the mother for hero in the flick. I personally felt she was perfect for it.

Was Revathi your first option for the role?
Well, during the writing stage I didn’t have any particular actor in mind but afterwards I felt she would be a perfect choice. I contacted her and also knew that she is quite choosy in subjects. I had the chance to narrate the complete story in phone itself and she readily agreed! However, on the sets she confessed that she never did sequences which involve loud emotions till then. She also said that only with confidence in me she did it coming out of her comfort zone. I was delighted that such a senior actress had faith in my narration.

What is Loafer all about?
This film is about a good mother and a bad father. The father makes the hero into an outright Loafer. What is the reason behind it forms the rest of the story.

The initial title was Maa Amma Seetha Mahalakshmi. Did you ever think of naming it back instead of Loafer?
RGV saw the film and felt that Maa Amma Seetha Mahalakshmi is a good title for the story. However, Loafer is catchier and it already crept into the audiences. Moreover, it was already conveyed that the film deals with mother sentiment. I felt Loafer title will fetch better returns.

How was it working with young hero Varun Tej?
He did an exceptional job. As a director no matter how well I write a scene, everything depends on the hero about how he would render a dialogue. If a hero has arrogance, he cannot deliver it par excellence. When I watched him on the screen after film’s completion I realized he became a star. Chiranjeevi saw some clippings and songs and felt that Varun did a great job. As a senior actor he knows how difficult it is to emote for sentimental scenes and was thoroughly impressed.

What about anticipated movie with Chiru?
I’ve always maintained that I am ready to do a film with Chiru even now. I only need a nod from him!

During Loafer audio release, there was a disturbance from Pawan Kalyan fans while Prabhas was talking. Was he irritated about what happened?
Of course he would. Not only Prabhas anybody would be irritated with such things happening. A function is organized for pleasant ambience but it got disturbed on that day.

How do you think such incidents can be avoided?
I feel Pawan Kalyan himself should post in Twitter or social media as a message to fans. They need to be told strictly about it.

You gave a great character for Posani in Temper. How different his role would be in Loafer?
He did a completely weird character in Loafer. He lives by telling lies and that is why such lines about jaundice are there in the trailer!

What about new movie with Mahesh ?
I really want to work with Mahesh once again. I am going to plan it next year in a grand scale.

How do you deal with regular controversies which surround you?
I feel controversies prop up because I am working hard. If a person doesn’t work hard, there won’t be any scope for rumors. I realized I should take light about these things!

How do people at home react to it?
They also understood about it and not worried anymore.

Are you happy with result of Temper and Jyoti Lakshmi?
I was quite happy with Temper’s result and it fetched good name to everyone who worked for it. When it comes to Jyoti Lakshmi lot of women audience appreciated it.

However, Jyoti Lakshmi is based on a novel. Did you feel you did justice to it?
If I implement a story without making cinematic changes it would look boring, That is why I took some cinematic liberties for the script. Moreover, I don’t like thinking about a film which I did in the past as result cannot be altered anyway.

What is the secret behind you making films so fast?
I interact with everybody in the unit and make their responsibilities clear. I delegate work with strict deadlines. Unless there is a huge calamity I don’t postpone any schedule of shooting. That’s it!

Any reason for writing stories in Bangkok and not India?
When I had less money I used to write in India. Now that I have good money I am going there (Laughs). I love Bangkok and feel like it is my hometown!

Upcoming movies?
I am doing a  Telugu-Kannada bilingual named Rogue. Shooting has already started for it.

Okay.. wishing you the best for Loafer and upcoming projects!
Thanks a lot! 

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