What's 'Masala Movie' All About?

By - December 15, 2015 - 03:49 PM IST

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The moment you see the title of a movie you get a rough idea of what genre the movie is going to be like but there are those times when certain titles not only create curiosity but also confusion. This has been the situation after a movie with the title Masala Movie has been announced.

Many are wondering what this is all about. For starters, noted film personality Mahesh Kathi is coming with this movie and in the past he came up with Pesarattu. This is not a crowd funding project and it has two producers. The shooting is scheduled to commence next month onwards.

Though Mahesh has not revealed any details inside news reveals his experiences as a film critic and a filmmaker, market situation of Tollywood has all been brought together in the format of a hardcore comedy so this is going to be a rib tickling treat conveying some hard facts in the most humorous manner.

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