Fans are like that & Prabhas Was Fine with it: Varun Tej Interview

By - December 15, 2015 - 07:42 PM IST

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Out of the massive clan of Mega heroes, Varun Tej has made an own mark in Tollywood with just two impressive films Mukunda and Kanche. He has proved to be an actor with different taste by choosing such subjects as a launch pad. But now he is all set to come in a mass look with Puri Jagannadh’s Loafer which will hit the screens this Friday. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the young hero:

Hello Varun..

What you do think about a pseudo title like Loafer for your film?
Though I was apprehensive initially, after watching the rushes I felt it was appropriate for this subject.

What is your character in this flick?
I play the role of a stylish thief. He is a typical Puri Jagan style hero with an own dose of carelessness as well as emotions. The story deals with this thief and his father getting into robberies. The main reason for me to sign this film was the presence of mother sentiment. The film is so apt for a mother son relationship that we even felt like naming it Amma. But for a better appeal and reach we finalized on the title Loafer.

You seem to have tried some dance moves for this film?
 I am not a bad dancer but cannot do much heavy dances either. I tried my best for this film.

How was it working with your co-star Disha Patani?
She is a hard worker. Did extremely well.

What was the most challenging moment for you while working for Loafer?
I was supposed to cry and enact during the suvvi suvvalamma song which I couldn’t do at all. I tried and tried but eventually Puri sir told to packup and could do it only the next day.

Did you uncle Chiru watch the film?
No. He watched some rushes. He is yet to watch the full film.

There was lot of trouble during Loafer audio release when Prabhas was speaking.. how did you deal with it?
They are diehard fans and their affection has no bounds. We always treated fans as part of the family. In fact there are crazy fans for my uncle Pawan Kalyan and they always spread the love for him. Even Prabhas understood this and he was totally fine.

You did two classy films initially. Was accepting Loafer a part to target mass audiences?
Well, I don’t want to be confined to one genre alone. I like to do films which suit all genres and audiences.

Whose influence is the biggest on you as an actor?
Undoubtedly it is my uncle Chiranjeevi’s films. I followed his films most of the time.

Is it true you wanted to consider direction and wanted to work as an assistant to Puri?
I love Puri sir’s films such as Badri, Pokiri and Idiot. I did think of working as an assistant to but I wasn’t clear about directing. Hence I dropped the plan.

Puri’s films have unique fight sequences. Will Loafer have the same?
Yes there are three fun fights in this film and I really enjoyed doing them.

Did you get any advice from Pawan Kalyan about acting?
No.. he values individual thinking and never tried to advice me about acting.

You seem to be working quite fast on films?
It is not about working fast but about getting good subjects. I never asked for good stories and it is my fortune that I got such nice subjects to work on.

The buzz is that you will do a film with your Kanche director Krish again?
He did narrate a good story to me. I am planning to take a two months gap after Loafer’s release. Will confirm about this film only then.

How was it working with a senior actress like Revathi?
She was a perfect casting for this film. It is a privilege to work with her.

As you are tall, are you particular about your heroines being quite tall as well?
It wouldn’t look good if even the heroine is 6 feet tall! For a contrast and difference, I wouldn’t mind acting with shorter heroine as well.

Do you have plans to become a director in near future?
I did write some stories but I might give them to director instead of me directing straightaway.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Loafer!
Thanks a lot!

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