When 'Shout' Is Inevitable Enjoy It

By - December 16, 2015 - 03:44 PM IST

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A very infamous saying goes ‘When Rape Is Inevitable Enjoy It’. This is usually considered as the most practical line of wisdom when you are going through the most difficult phase of your life. Akin to that, one adage has come for the Tollywood members also. It says when ‘Shout’ is inevitable, enjoy it.

This has come up in due reference to the Hungama that is done by the fans of power star Pawan Kalyan whenever they attend a film related event. Apparently, many Pawan fans get the invite for any event which has to do with any of the mega heroes. After reaching there, the fans start chanting slogans of Pawan.

While this may be embarrassing for those who are actually present, it has increased a lot in the recent times. So, some of them are suggesting instead of trying to stamp down the voices of Pawan fans, it is better that those who speak on stage say something via media so that everyone settles. If that is inevitable then you must just enjoy the ‘shout’.

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