Srinu Vaitla Traps 2 Big Heroes for 2016?

By - December 16, 2015 - 06:51 PM IST

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Powerful punches… laugh riot characters and tracks (of course Brahmi in the lead)… power packed entertainers – Yes! We are talking about Srinu Vaitla. This director has given industry hits yet saw some serious flops too.
However, he has got over a debacle like Bruce Lee and is currently in plans to regain his lost glory. According to latest reports, he finalized two films for the year 2016 and interestingly got the dates of two big heroes. As we already reported earlier that Rana would play the lead role in one of the films and the other would be with energetic star Ram.
Well director Srinu Vaitla is trying to come up with a new screenplay for these films which is going to get him rid of the monotonous tag that is bothering him from a while. We wish Srinu Vaitla good luck for his upcoming flicks.

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