Mega Camp's Blessings For 'Abbayitho Ammayi'

By - December 17, 2015 - 04:25 PM IST

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The moment your film gets the blessing from one of the powerful film camps of Tollywood, you can be rest assured that your film will make it to the success mark without much hassle. Now, one movie has reportedly got the praise and appreciation from the powerful mega camp.

We are talking about the movie Abbayitho Ammayi featuring the handsome Naga Shaurya along with the new beauty Palak Lalwani. You might be wondering what is the link between Mega camp and this movie. Apparently, Naga Shaurya’s next is with Konidela Niharika and it is titled as Oka Manasu.

Niharika is the daughter of mega brother Nagababu and the mega camp is positive that the aura of Abbayitho Ammayi will also fall on Oka Manasu. Of course, the fact remains that Niharika is the real superstar for that movie so that would definitely give the right momentum but the start would come from here.

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