Loafer Movie Review & Ratings

By - December 17, 2015 - 11:47 AM IST

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Cast: Varun Tej, Disha Patani, Revathi, Posani Krishna Murali, Mukesh Rushi, Ali, Brahmanandam, Harish Uthaman, Charandeep Surneni, Nora Fatehi
Banner: C K entertainments & Sree Subha Swetha Films
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematographer: P G Vinda
Producer: C Kalyan
Writer-Director: Puri Jagannadh

Watch it for Varuntej, Posani & Puri dialogues


Lakshmi (Revathi), a girl from a wealthy family in Rajasthan gets married to loafer named Murali (Posani) who eyes over Lakshmi’s wealth. Murali demands Lakshmi to get her share of wealth but when she denies, Murali absconds with their kid Raja (Varuntej). From then, Murali tells Lakshmi that Raja is dead and from there on the dad & son live out of petty thefts with the sole aim of earning money whatsoever. As time passes, Raja falls in love with Parijatham aka Moni (Dish Patani), who escapes an unwanted marriage back at home. In some unexpected circumstances, Raja comes to know that his mother (Lakshmi) is alive and Moni is the niece of his mother. Raja eventually learns of his villainous uncle and his sons who are planning to get richer through the forced marriage of Moni. So, did Lakshmi accept her son and how did Raja win Moni’s hand forms the rest of the story.


Varun Tej: The Mega Prince is stylish, massy yet scores brownie points with his acting and attitude as well.

Disha Pathani: This new face is sweet and sexy in this film. She wasn’t lucky enough to get a meaty role in the film yet she was surely an eye-grabber.

Posani: This star supporting actor spilled his magic once again. He is an entertainer throughout the film. It was a delight to watch him as a ‘loafer’ father. His scenes with Revathi are intense and Varun are hilarious.

Revathi: This revered actress once again stole the show with her intense and heartening act.

The villain gang comprising of Mukesh Rishi, Pradeep & others - their attires overshadowed their characters.

Ali as Spider Babu, Brahmi, Dhanraj & Saptagiri have a petty role in this sentimental drama [Not to be expected much from them]


Puri Jagannadh, the most stylish and whacky commercial director is back with a story with similar characterizations but with a sentiment touch after a long while. On top of it, keeping aside his usual abode Goa/Bangkok, Puri gave us a Jodhpur backdrop – Welcoming all these changes, we shall take a leap into the story.

‘An orphan/a lost child finding his parents’ is what we are seeing from Ek Niranjan and the treatment of Loafer is something we have been watching from Desamuduru. So if you ask what’s the pulling factor in the entire film then we should say it is Posani-Varun track and Puri’s dialogues all through the film.

Puri’s screenplay keeps you engaged and all the forced commercial songs, heroine Disha’s glamor, fights (having traces of Iddarammayilatho interval fight and a finishing reminding us of Baahubali rain episode) are failed efforts to pull you into the story. 

The film starts off on a serious note and kicks off to Jodhpur and after a romantic track, the mother sentiment seeps in – a decent interval episode. Now, for all those who are waiting for the re-union of the mother & son, the director takes us through a long (rather boring) ride in the second half with occasional sentimental and comedy episodes.

In a nutshell, the first half scores over second half making it a one-time watch.

Performances of Varuntej, Posani & Revathi
Posani – Varuntej track
Puri Jagannadh dialogues
Engaging Screenplay
Disha’s glamor

Same old story and treatment.
Lackadaisical second half.

Sunil Kashyap gave a versatile and different album. The background score goes along with the mood and momentum of the film.

Locations in Rajasthan were well explored.

Loafer turns out to be a onetime watch mass entertainer for Varun, Posani & Puri’s dialogues not anything else.

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