PK & Cherry Fans Neg Publicity for Loafer?

By - December 18, 2015 - 11:10 AM IST

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Are you shocked? These comments were made by controversial director Ram Gopal Varma through his Twitter handle.
These comments gained weight by the recent scenario of Puri’s comments on Mega fans and especially Pawan Kalyan fans are not happy with Puri’s statements. However RGV mentioned in his tweets that some of the distributors of Loafer movie gave this information of Negative publicity on Loafer movie.
Interestingly he also gave a new screen name to Varun as OMEGA Star and also requested to call Varun as Omega star from his upcoming films. This leads to another controversy that Omega is greater than Mega and in one way he declared Varun Tej is bigger than Chiranjeevi.

On the whole, RGV once again showed his tweet power and obviously it lead to another controversy. Here are his tweets-

Seeing the speedy variation of Varun in Mukunda,Kanche and now especially "Loafer" I have no doubts that he's the next Mega Star

In Loafer the character Jagan designed for Varun will surely catapult him to Mega Stardom far ahead of the other Mega contenders

Varun tej is going to be a bigger star than Mega star which is Omega star ..Omega is the last and final ultimate

I think all genuine Varun tej's fans should title him Omega Star and his title in films should come as Omega Star in titles

For anyone who doesn't understand the meaning of Omega star,Omega is the last word and after that there can't be bigger word

Jst now I am shocked to hear from various distributors its PK fans and Ram Charans fans who are doing negative publicity for "Loafer"

And they also told me that many Power and Mega Power fans are changing parties into Omega Power Star

My sincere request to Mega,Power and Mega Power fans is not to disrupt the Mega Family relationships with the Omega Star

Another option for title of Omega Star for real Varun tej's fans who are not corrupted by Mega,Power fans is O Mega Star as a worship

My sincere request to all PK fans is not to have such bad intentions of using poor Varun Tej to break up the mega family

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