Is This Hot Bomb Doing Blasphemy?

By - December 22, 2015 - 04:03 PM IST

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Blasphemy, now this is one word you would often hear among the Christian community when something wrong is spoken about their faith. As such, the festival of Christmas is considered the most auspicious by them. Now, one gesture from a film celebrity is raising eyebrows.

She is none other than the bikini bombshell Poonam Pandey and the hot siren has announced she is going to come up with a very hot and sexy video on the eve of Christmas as a gift to her fans. This song video is going to be uploaded on the Twitter profile of Poonam.

While she may have thought Christmas as a pretext, it appears that some of the religious heads find it quite objectionable. Whether this is going to lead to any commotion or not is unknown but Poonam’s fans are eagerly waiting for December 25th so that they can have a fresh slice of visual feast from her.

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