Parental Guidance For Lip Kiss

By - December 25, 2015 - 09:49 AM IST

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You are well aware that a lip kiss scene in a Tollywood movie is simply ruled out and rarely have they come. So, it is a clear cut rule from the censor board that for lip kiss scene, the film gets a clear ‘A’ or the scene is asked to cut if the makers don’t want ‘A’ to be given.

But one movie has changed the entire dynamics. We are talking about the film Abbayitho Ammayi and for this movie, the lip kiss scene is there between hero Naga Shaurya and heroine Palak Lalwani. But still the movie got U/A certification much to the delight of the makers.

As soon as this news was heard, the filmnagar circles are jumping in joy and they are coming up with this statement “So with parental guidance, the lip kiss scenes can be seen from now onwards”. It has to be seen how the censor board will react to this.

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