Old Film Title Comes From USA To UK

By - December 28, 2015 - 11:07 AM IST

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The trend of titles being dug from the past and reused for the latest set of movies is quite common but this time we have one title which has changed its geographic backdrop as well. We are talking about the movie Padamati Sandhyaraagam London Lo.

This is a new movie which has hit the floors and when you look at the title, you get reminded of the movie with the title Padamati Sandhyaraagam. This was made by the legendary Jandhyala long ago and the point to note is, the film was shot entirely in the USA.

But now a new version is coming wherein the entire movie is being shot in the UK. That way, the old title has come from USA to UK. Of course, the cast of this new movie comprises of new faces unlike the old which had the likes of Vijayashanti and others.

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