Hair Secrets Of Tollywood Heroes

By - December 29, 2015 - 04:41 PM IST

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One of the biggest challenges you face as a man is putting a check on the hairfall. These days, owing to our sedentary lifestyle, hair doesn’t stand at all. The same is the challenge for many heroes so they are coming up with various methods to ensure the hairline stays.

During gym, they take protein shakes so that is doing them a good help. They are also taking Homoeo anti hairfall treatment and this is proving effective because there are no side effects in it. They are also going through specialist care to ensure nothing untoward happens.

As such, they don’t apply oil and they put their best efforts to be tension free and avoiding pollution completely. It is heard that due to protein diet the hairfall syndrome is getting reduced extensively. If you can take a leaf out of their book, it will also help your hairfall too. 

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