'Baahubali Cake' Catches Attention

By - December 31, 2015 - 10:26 AM IST

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You know well that when the magnum opus Baahubali hit the screens, the frenzy was so high that everywhere across the nation, only this word was heard. Subsequently, when Vinayaka Chavithi came, many idols came with Baahubali model which became a hit.

Now, with the New Year arriving, Baahubali is back into headlines. Some of the noted bakers are coming up with ‘Baahubali Cake’ and this is becoming a sensation. The cake shows a hand holding a baby resembling how Sivagami holds Baahubali in the initial scenes.

This was tweeted by the Baahubali team and it became famous. There are also reports that this Baahubali cake would be sent to some contests and they are confident of winning the first prize. For now, this design has appealed to many and they are also planning to get the same type of cake done for their New Year celebrations.

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