Dictator Movie Story leaked by Eros?

By - December 31, 2015 - 04:16 PM IST

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Generally upcoming releases face story leaks before hitting the screen by the outside sources and in one way these leaks affect the movie and bring down the craze on particular movie.

However in the case of Dictator Movie it was contrary to the regular leaks case. At the time of official trailer release, Eros International (producer of Dictator) mistakenly uploaded the story in the synopsis of Trailer. This mistake was rectified by the Eros team and meanwhile some fans downloaded the story and uploaded in the social media.

At present, a story version of Dictator is doing rounds in social media where Balakrishna living a normal life by keeping his multi-millionaire life a secret (Oops Spoiler). 

Interestingly this leak got a huge craze in social media and we have to wait and see whether this leaked version is the actual story or not.

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