Veerappan in Trouble Again?

By - January 01, 2016 - 01:42 PM IST

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Most of the Ram Gopal Varma’s films are either centre stage of controversy right from the subject matter till the time they are finally released. The main reason for this is because the director RGV himself is always in limelight for peculiar opinions and choices of subjects.

RGV made a film based on deadly naxalite Veerappan who took the whole Karnataka and TN government for a toll with his sandalwood smuggling activities and kidnapping Kannada superstar Rajkumar. The director took real incidents and made it into a film Killing Veerappan which was supposed to be releasing as a New Year treat today.

The Telugu version has been stuck in a last minute censor procedure and it was announced by RGV himself on his Twitter handle. However, the Kannada version was released as per schedule without any qualms.

RGV fans in Telugu lands must wait a little more to watch this anticipated flick then!

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