'Pataas' To Rock K-Wood In 2016

By - January 01, 2016 - 04:00 PM IST

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It has become more of a business model that whenever a film becomes a hit in one language, it either becomes a remake or released in a dubbed format in other languages. And when that happens, it is a matter of pride for the original industry.

This is the reason why Tollywood is pumping its chest with pride as its movies are getting remade in good numbers these days. The latest in that list is Pataas featuring Nandamuri Kalyanram, Shruti Sodhi, Mukesh Rishi and others. The film is being remade in Tamil.

It is titled as Bhairava and this has the multi-faceted Lawrence as the hero. Reports from Chennai reveal the film is being done with utmost quality and the industry pundits there predict this film is going to rock Kollywood because it has the right elements to appease the Tamil masses.

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