Anchor Anasuya Happy For Trivikram

By - January 02, 2016 - 11:40 AM IST

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There are a sufficient number of TV anchors you must be watching and must have become a fan as well. But one name that came to the circuit and became a celebrity in no time is the hot and sensuous Anasuya Bharadwaj. Now, this seductive lady is entering into movies as well.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Anasuya is actually on cloud nine and the reason for that is the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas. Apparently, Trivikram gave the first poster of his new movie A Aa and in that he has also given the onscreen names of the hero and heroine.

Well, ‘A’ stands for Anasuya Ramalingam while ‘Aa’ is Anand Vihari. So, it has become clear that the name of Anasuya has been used by Trivikram and she is glad he did that. Now, buzz is that Anasuya is confident the film will work because her name is in the title.

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