Non Film Writers Aiming At Kona Venkat

By - January 02, 2016 - 04:05 PM IST

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A common feedback that the film industry keeps getting is of the herd mentality. If someone buys a new swanky car, everyone tries to buy it. Similarly, if one type of story becomes a hit then immediately a dozen movies are made with similar storyline.

In that process, some non film writers are now aiming at star writer Kona Venkat. Well, Kona gets 1 crore per project. So, the non-film writers who have written few books are thinking at least they will get 50 lakhs and they are showing lot of excitement.

But here is the slice of truth they are not aware of.  The industry doesn’t give this amount to Kona just for writing a story. It also involves setting the story, cast with relevant amount of awareness on business of cinema. That way, it is a whole package. Hope these non film writers realize that.

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