Superhit Film Gets Theatres Only For 1 Week

By - January 05, 2016 - 11:11 AM IST

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You might be in the right momentum after making a very good movie but all that momentum is worth relishing only when your positioning is right. Yes, if you don’t position your movie at the right date then even the best of your product will fizzle out in no time.

This is the threat being faced by the about to release movie Killing Veerappan. Due to unavoidable reasons, the Telugu version is releasing on January 7th instead of releasing with the Kannada version on January 1. Now, the problem is January 14th will see the arrival of Dictator.

January 13th will see the release of Nannaku Prematho. Hence, Killing Veerappan is getting only 1 week theatres. If any of the two biggies flop then KV might come in those theatres. Currently, the Kannada version has become a superhit so good chance of it becoming hit here in Telugu version also.

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