Running Behind Annapurna Film School

By - January 07, 2016 - 01:02 PM IST

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There are many instances wherein you hear about acting schools not having the right kind of credentials and some just popped up to exploit money from the students. But in Hyderabad, one entity is creating the right chord and it has become the hot bed for many cine aspirants.

We are talking about the famous Annapurna Film School and news is that many are showing interest to join this school. Each year two batches are conducted and each batch has two semesters. It is heard that usually for one batch the head count doesn’t exceed more than 15.

But this year, a total of 25 people came and the fees is 3 lakhs per semester in various faculties. Also, they are informing beforehand that full training will be given but no movie opportunities will be given in their banner. Despite that, knowing the course and curriculum is good, students are showing interest because they want to know about cinema completely.

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