Eye Opener For Controversial Music Director

By - January 08, 2016 - 11:02 AM IST

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There are those moments in life when you need to be conscious about your position and reputation in society. Success is something that can change your approach and makes you believe you can do anything and pass off. But that doesn’t happen in a country like India.

This is something one controversial music director may have realized by now. He is none other than Anirudh Ravichander of ‘Kolaveri Di’ fame. Though he is talented, Anirudh has been hitting the headlines for unwanted reasons. Earlier, he grabbed attention for a shocking reason.

Well, he came up with pictures wherein he was seen lip kissing heroine Andrea who is quite elder to him. Now, he fell into spotlight due to the controversial ‘Beep’ song. Such things may bring fame outside India but here the film fraternity will not hesitate to keep you at distance. They give you that respect only if you are well behaved.

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