Why This Hero Is Still In Hidden Mode?

By - January 09, 2016 - 11:32 AM IST

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The most important fundamental you need to remember if you aspire to become a hero is the ability to market yourself wherever and whenever possible. If that is not there, then it is very tough to survive. But here is one hero who is still in a hidden mode after his film’s release.

Generally, whenever a movie is up for release, each one from the unit is doing promotion at their range but this protagonist is in hidden mode. We are talking about the film Killing Veerappan and the protagonist is newbie Sundeep Bharadwaj, an alumni of the prestigious NID.

Prior to release of the film only one still of Sundeep came and many were shocked to know he did the fearsome role of Veerappan. But even after release also, there is no news from him and this is coming as a surprise to many. Only time will tell if this is also part of a strategy.

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