Balakrishna garu asked me to call Bala: Anjali Interview

By - January 11, 2016 - 12:29 PM IST

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Out of many heroines in Telugu film industry who predominantly depend on glamor and looks instead of talent and performance, Anjali has proved her mettle choosing interesting scripts which have a perfect balance between performance as well as glamor. After stunning the audiences as a Bihari don in Shankarabharanam, she is all set to entertain the audience this Sankranthi season in Balakrishna’s commercial project Dictator. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Anjali..

How was it working with senior star like Balakrishna?
It has been an absolute pleasure working with him. Actually when I was signing this film, many scared me alot. But I was very comfortable working with him from day one. He in fact helped me with his valuable guidance in many scenes. When I was calling him Balakrishna garu he even told me to call Bala instead. He was that friendly!

You seem to be super busy with back to back projects?
Yes I'm having lot of work and I'm feeling quite good about it. My only aim is to do characters which have significant value. I'm really glad that a film like SVSC is best remembered for my role and I prefer to be choosy that way. 

What is your take on Sriwass as a director and producer?
He is a person who perfectly knows what he needs. Srivass knows the pulse of the audience perfectly well. He did a splendid job in the dual role as a producer and director.

What was the reason behind accepting item song in Boyapati’s Sarainodu?
I wouldn’t classify it as an item song because the song has relation to the script and takes the story forward. I am definitely not doing the song for money but because the song will play a key role in the film. In fact Boyapato garu offered me to act in Legend and Lion but my schedule didn’t permit me. That is also one of the reasons I finally signed up for Dictator.

How do you tackle with rumors about you?
I initially get hurt listening to such things but eventually I leave it. I prefer doing my work perfectly and not bother about all these things.

Any regrets about doing Shankarabharanam?
Well, I did get good feedback for my character and hence I don’t have regrets about it.

Why is your upcoming project Chitrangadha getting delayed?
A part of the shoot for the film was done in USA and that is the reason for delay. I’ve reduced weight for my role in the film as well.

Are you at peace on a personal front? Have issues in the past settled down?
They haven't completely settled down. It would probably take a little time for it to be permanently solved.

How will you be celebrating Pongal this time?
In my childhood, we used to have family get togethers. Lot of hungama used to happen on Sankranthi day. However, this year I would be busy with shooting.

Any special features you would want to share about Dictator?
My introduction happens with a song. With regards to film, the thrill will be there only to watch it on screen!

How do you deal with success and failure in life?
I'm quite emotionally reactive person. When I get success I get too happy and when met with failure I get very down. Even Balakrishna garu suggest me to be grounded but I prefer to be myself.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Dictator!
Thanks a lot!

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