Shocking Symbolism Behind Rajamouli's Scene

By - January 11, 2016 - 05:36 PM IST

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Sometimes you come across few scenes in movies which have a different feel and it is only after a little time you realize it had some special symbolism. This is the realization many had after a discussion came about on one particular scene in the magnum opus Baahubali.

If you recall, young rebel star Prabhas comes to a drinking place and the bar tender happens to be the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. The latter serves a drink and Prabhas says ‘Peddadi...inkaa peddadi..naa tammullandarikee saripoyentha peddadi’ after few offerings. For this, Rajamouli asks if Prabhas has money.

Prabhas gives the bag of coins, Rajamouli takes it and then opens the big curtain which is followed by the super hit song ‘Manohari..’. This has been related to a symbolism that Rajamouli is often asked by his fans for one more big movie after another and something higher than his last. It could be a coincidence but it is indeed the right symbolism.

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