Another Film on Vangaveeti Ranga

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There has always been huge demand and anticipation for films based on real life personalities as they evoke curiosity to know more about what really happened. If the personality has a political backdrop the curiosity increases tenfold.

Based on the politics of Krishna District and life story of popular politician Vangaveeti Ranga, a film named Chaitanya Radham released 28 years ago which became a commercial success. Dhavala Satyam, the director of Chaitanya Radham is planning to make another film on Vangaveeti Ranga now. This film will feature the story of Ranga’s valiant nature and how he rose to prominence as Andhra’s Robin Hood.

Already maverick director Ram Gopal Varma announced a project named Vangaveeti on the same political personality and now it is interesting to see Satyam choosing the same subject. RGV has got a good track record in making bio pics of this sort such as Rakta Charitra as well as the recent Killing Veerappan.

We will have to see which director would gain the appreciation of audience this time!

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